Landmann 8-Feet Firewood Log Rack Review

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The Landmann 82433 8ft firewood log rack is designed to keep your supply of firewood neatly stacked and away from the elements so it is ready for you to use on the cold winter days to you and your family warm. It is made of sturdy material to ensure a long life and to stand up to what Mother Nature can dish out. It is designed to fit safely on your porch or other locations that you see fit to place it. The package includes a cover that goes over the rack in case of inclement weather.

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If you are like many people you heat your house in the winter time with a fireplace, you know what it is like to have to buy the firewood you plan to use for the winter in advance and then have to figure out where to put it. If you are not lucky to have a protected area to store the wood and have to stack it anywhere you can find. This means that you are often stuck having to re stack the firewood pile, especially after a winter storm. Then you need to try the Landmann 8 foot wood rack. It will keep all of the firewood you have bought for the heating season neatly stacked, easily accessible and dry.

The Landmann 82433 log rack is made of sturdy tubular steel and solid fasteners that will be strong enough to stack all of the firewood you can fit on it. The tubular steel is powder coated to make it weatherproof and rust resistant. All of the hardware is included and the instructions make it very easy to assemble. The powder coated tubular steel design also makes it look very attractive.

The 8-foot Wood Rack from Landmann comes with a full cover that fits over the rack to keep the wood out of elements and dry. The log rack also keeps the firewood off the ground and away from the crawling bugs that might infest the typical woodpile.

Landmann 82433 8ft Firewood Log Rack Features

  • 8-foot wood rack made of strong tubular steel
  • Keeps firewood away from dampness and bugs
  • Weather proof powder coating resists rust
  • Includes all hardware for easy assembly;
  • Measures 96 by 48 inches to fit on porch, deck, under eaves

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Landmann designed the wood Rack to fit nicely on your porch or under an eave so you can have easy access to wood supply when you need it and also gives it extra protection from the rain and snow.

The Landmann 82433 firewood rack has received really good ratings my most of the reviewers on The sturdy tubular steel construction was mentioned the most. They also commented on how well the powder coat held up to constant re stacking of the wood. Unfortunately, just about every reviewer commented negatively about the cover. They said that it was very cheaply made and it tore apart almost immediately after buying the rack. Which would mean you would have to go out a buy a separate cover.

It looks like Landmann has created a pretty decent product. If you are in need of a wood rack to help keep your firewood supply from being tossed around your yard in a heavy storm, I would highly recommend this product. Click here to read more reviews.

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Customer Reviews

Suryareddy September 9th, 2012 (#)

Just a tip.Let the firewood dry for 1 year boefre using it.Why?Because then it will be compleatly DRY and Give MORE heat.It will also burn more cleanly and easier to get the fire started.We usually cut down the trees just boefre winter starts or during winter, the trees got less water in them during that time.Other then that, you got good videos. keep up the good job.Might come in handy some day.[]

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