Woodhaven 8-feet Firewood Rack Review

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The Woodhaven WR008 8ft Firewood Rack is a great looking solidly built firewood rack if you need to stack a large amount of firewood. It is constructed out of all top quality materials that makes it a great buy. It includes a uniquely designed cover that only covers the top portion of the stack of firewood instead of the whole rack.

Do you heat your house in the winter by using a fireplace and normally buy all of the firewood you think you will need for the whole winter all at once? If so, you probably found yourself wondering how you were going to stack all of that wood and keep it out of the elements. You first needed to find the best location around your house and then you needed how to keep it dry.

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The  8-foot Woodhaven firewood log rack would be the perfect choice if you need a way of neatly stacking a large amount of fire wood and to keep it protected from excess amount of moisture. It is constructed from sturdy 16-gauge steel that is covered with a black powder coat finish and stainless steel fasteners that will not rust.

The unique cover design by Woodhaven for its WR008 firewood rack covers only the top rows of the wood stack to keep it dry and ready to be burned in your fireplace. At the same time it allows air to circulate to ward off the growth of mold and mildew and to help promote curing of the wood. Unlike most of the other brands of fire wood rack, the cover of the Woodhaven firewood rack is made of canvas instead of plastic.

If you would rather have a full cover instead of the partial cover for the Woodhaven WR008 firewood rack, you can order the full sized cover. It is made of the same material as the partial cover including the easy access cover that has Velcro strips to keep it fastened in the bad weather.

Woodhaven WR008 8ft Firewood Rack Features

  • Made from 16 gauge mild Steel w/stainless steel
  • Black powder coat finish with top quality coated canvas cover
  • Log Capacity 1/2 Cord
  • Lifetime Warranty; Made in the USA

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According to most of the consumer reviews written about this Woodhaven firewood rack is extremely well constructed of heavy steel tubing with a great black powder coat making it not only great looking, but very weather resistant. A negative point was made of the fact that the over all weight of a fully filled rack with half a cord of firewood can cause it to sink into soft ground, so you want to be sure you have a concrete slab to set it up on. Another consumer was very impressed with the canvas cover, it was sturdy enough to withstand the harsh winters on Minnesota and that is much different from many of the other brands of firewood racks.

In conclusion, the 8ft Firewood rack from Woodhaven is a high quality rack that combines great looks with functionality that will hold up to a half a cord of firewood. It comes with two options for covering to keep the wood dry including a full canvas or partial cover made of sturdy canvas. I would highly recommend this rack to anyone who needs one to keep their firewood safe from the elements.

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