Panacea 4-Foot Deluxe Firewood Rack with Cover Review

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The Panacea 15200 4-Foot Deluxe Log Rack with Cover is part of Panacea’s Open Hearth Collection and it can be used outside or inside. With its compact size you will be able to fit this rack just about anywhere. Its sturdy all steel construction will allow you to stack it full of firewood. It even comes with a cover to help keep it from the elements.

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Do you heat your house in the winter with one or more fireplaces? If you do, then you know what is like trying to find a place to put the firewood you bought for the winter. If you are like most people you find a place that is close to the door so you don’t have to trudge out into cold to reach your woodpile. You have also more than likely experienced having to re-stack the wood numerous times because of bad weather.

Here is the perfect solution – the Panacea 15200 4-Foot Deluxe log rack. It is the perfect size that you can actually use it inside to neatly hold a lot of firewood so you don’t have to go outside each time to keep the fire going on those really cold nights. If you don’t have a place inside to put this rack, you can surely fit it right out side the door.

The Panacea 15200 is constructed out of sturdy tubular steel and is covered with a black powder coat finish to make it weather resistant and also to make it look really nice. The sturdy construction will give you piece mind knowing that your firewood is stacked neatly in this rack. It is really easy to put together with the instruction guide provided by Panacea.

Panacea included a cover with the 15200 4-Foot Deluxe Log Rack and it really completes the package. The sturdy plastic cover was designed to completely cover the rack and leave a little room for over sized logs. It has Velcro fasteners to make opening the cover very simple. This cover helps to keep out the moisture throughout the winter so your wood is able to stay dry.

Panacea 15200 4-Foot Deluxe Firewood Rack Features

  • Powder coated to withstand the elements
  • Ideal for storing, drying or displaying firewood
  • From Panacea’s Open Hearth Collection
  • For indoor or outdoor use.

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Most of the comments regarding the Panacea 15200 firewood rack have been very positive. Unfortunately, not everyone was thrilled with every part of this wood rack. One thing that seemed to be unanimous, the documentation was very poor. I guess thankfully it was easy to assemble without good instructions. The positive comments ranged from the over sized cover was a great feature to the black powder coat finish looked great.

In conclusion the Panacea 15200 4-Foot Deluxe Log Rack is great great wood rack. If you are in the market for a rack that looks good enough to use indoors, yet constructed well enough to withstand what ever mother nature can dish out in the winter. I would highly recommend you get one for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

The Panacea 15200  firewood rack has a very high rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. which is unbelievably high. There are many great things being said about this firewood rack. Click here to read more reviews.

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Customer Reviews

firewood October 18th, 2011 (#)

This is a great firewood rack and comes with a great cover. Great for drying my firewood.

pete April 18th, 2012 (#)

We have the 8 footer and it works perfectly well. looks good too as its just enough metal to keep things organized and no more to bring undue attention to itself. however, we have had to switch locations and drop the 8 footer to two half 4 footers. we were hoping to find the missing parts to create either two complete 4 footers (requires a single stability bar and two vertical bars). OR just a single stability bar (that keeps the side without a vertical component together as the bolts fit into the stability bar that spans the two bottom bars). BUT, we can’t find parts anywhere. any ideas? if you can email me back that would be swell. thanks. pete

Carona September 9th, 2012 (#)

Looked around for a rack for my back porch and came aorcss this on Amazon.Bought it with free shipping,came in a few days and was very easy and fast to put together. Loaded it to the top with firewood it is solid as a rock.The cover it came with is a little over sized if you have longer pieces of wood mine are 16 to 20 inch pieces .The reason Im telling you the length of the wood is to say the cover fits kinda lose over the rack and wood so its not a pain to slide the cover over it after you load up your wood.Love this thing ,should have bought it years ago.

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