ShelterLogic Backyard Storage Series Covered Firewood Rack Review

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The ShelterLogic backyard storage series covered firewood rack is a device that every cabin fireplace should own. The rack is built with the aim of adding style and elegance to the home, efficiency in terms of storage as well as grace in terms of appeal. The rack comes in a range of sizes, 0.7, 1.4 and 2.2 cubic meters sizes, to hold different wood volume to suit different needs.

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The design of the log rack incorporates a wholesome set that has an integrated long lasting cover that is easy on the eyes. The log rack over keeps the firewood free of any accidental spills of water or any other fluid that would compromise the integrity of the firewood. The cover also provides for cleanliness by containing all parts of the firewood.

ShelterLogic Firewood Rack Features:

  • Complete firewood log rack with cover
  • Keeps firewood logs  off of the ground
  • Prevent logs from mold growth, rotting and bugs
  • 100% steel rack frame with black powder coat finish
  • Adjustable cover  to fit logs up to 24″ long
  • Cover can slides up and down to fit height of log stack
  • Also available in multiple rack  sizes

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The elevated height also provides the firewood with a dehumidifying experience that contributes a lot towards the use of firewood. The smoke that usually comes of seemingly dry wood that contacted water in mysterious ways is emitted by the ShelterLogic rack. The firewood is also safe and secure from wood mites and weather elements.

Despite the numerous advantages that the ShelterLogic backyard storage series covered firewood rack offers, there might be some challenges when it comes to its use as a few customer comments have raised. The rack is light in weight due to the tubular steel that is used in the design of the rack; unfortunately this has an effect on the structural integrity of the rack. It has a limited weight capacity and might crumble under pressure.

The assembly of the rack also may use a few tweaks, the weak tubular construct of the rack requires the assembly to be soft, use of power tools and excessive force on the rack will break the tubes and the rack in general and should be avoided.

ShelterLogic Log Rack Review

A huge number of reviews on the rack indicate that the ShelterLogic backyard storage series covered firewood rack is a good addition to ones home as it provides elegance, simplicity and has a certain utilitarian aspect. The rack is able to hold its own and achieve the set goals as long as it is used as recommended.

In general the most common complain in most reviews is that the rack is weak and requires a lot of care and attention to detail in its use. Unfortunately most products that are considered beautiful and appealing are always sensitive, but with proper use the rack seems all rounded. Some users have gone on to make some adjustments to the design of the rack to strengthen it and have thus continue to enjoy their enhanced version of the rack and that means that it’s not a waste of money.

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The bottom line when it comes to the ShelterLogic backyard storage series covered firewood rack is that it is designed to add décor and style in the storage and use of firewood. Cleaning and transporting the rack are two strongholds of the masterpiece, but if mishandled the rack will be disappointing, under proper use it is a great investment. Click here to check it out.

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