Landmann Firewood Rack Review

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Everybody likes to have nice things in their lives. Yes, nice things that add value to their lives not those that make someone curse every time their eyes land on them. The Landmann Firewood Rack is one such asset that will make you smile every time your eyes happen to fall on it. It will always remind you of the good investments that you have made in life. The rack is made high enough to prevent water, dampness and those harmful bugs from reaching your firewood. It has the perfect ground clearing distance to serve this purpose effectively. Click here to check it out.

Landmann Firewood Log Rack Features

It is not uncommon to find some firewood racks that have been made using just some metal falling over themselves after some years because they are either not strong enough or because of the all too common problem of rust. The Landmann 8-Feet firewood rack can hold on for years and probably outlive the owner because it has been manufactured using tubular metal that is of the highest quality. A black weatherproof powder coating that resists rust for years.

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The manufacturer has made it very practical for all to use it and has used the right dimensions while making this structure. For this reason it is very stable and balances very well. It does not wobble from a slight touch which can be quite dangerous for anyone if the firewood falls on you. It measures 96 inches by 48 inches just sufficient to fit under the porch or even under the eaves.

The manufacturer sells the structure with all the hardware necessary to set it up. One can therefore rest assured that after receiving the delivery there won’t be any need to call a plumber or a handyman to help in fixing it. The Landmann 8-Feet firewood rack also comes with a cover that protects the firewood from getting rained on.

Landmann Firewood Rack Review

The Landmann 8-Feet log rack having been manufactured using the best quality materials has received a lot of positive reviews from customers all over the internet. There is a 3.9 star average feedback from Amazon customers and over 100 of the 160 reviewers found here are quite satisfied with it because they have given a feedback of at least 4 stars. The most prominent of the features that the customers like about it are its stability and the easiness at which it can be assembled. Click here to read these reviews.

Though the overall reviews are very positive some of the reviewers were a little bit unhappy with the way it behaved when loaded with firewood. It should be noted that firewood is heavy and a solid ground would be ultimate stable ground. Some customers also bought the rack with the cover which gets blown off in strong weather. If securely fit, this is unlikely to happen, but still there are winds that blow off the roofs of buildings, remember?

The purchase of the Landmann Log Rack will definitely give you dry firewood necessary to keep the family warm through a cold night. It is one of those wise purchases that make one feel proud of themselves. Click here to buy from Amazon with free shipping & 18% discount Now!

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Customer Reviews

Fifiasta June 21st, 2012 (#)

Just a tip.Let the firewood dry for 1 year before using it.Why?Because then it will be completely DRY and Give MORE heat.It will also burn more cleanly and easier to get the fire started.We usually cut down the trees just before winter starts or during winter, the trees got less water in them during that time.Other then that, you got good videos. keep up the good job.Might come in handy some day.[]

Firewood For Life September 26th, 2012 (#)

Firewood racks are great because they store the wood off the ground which helps keep the wood dry and decrease the amount of insects who try to make the wood their new home. I like tip about making sure the rack is located on stable ground. The best rack is only as solid as the ground beneath it.

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